Marilyn Morgan, Ph.D.

Director of the Archives Program | Lecturer of History


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Digital Archives & History
Archival Methods & Practices
Internship in Archives
Capstone in Archives

Archivist, historian, educator, and baker of all things chocolate, Professor Morgan (@mare_morgan), investigates—and encourages students to explore—social trends, cultural stereotypes, and discrimination of various sorts throughout American history.  She is committed to preserving the past, teaching archival principles, invigorating teaching by using primary sources, and making archival materials accessible to a broad public audience. She loves collaborating with other local archivists to teach students how to create metadata for digital archives and design interactive online exhibits. Her class site, Stark & Subtle Divisions: A Collaborative History of Segregation in Boston, showcases letters, photographs, legal documents, artifacts, and interviews that explore the federally-mandated desegregation of Boston public schools.

Before joining the faculty at UMass Boston in 2014, she worked as an archivist for over nine years at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Harvard University. Her research explores socially-constructed gender roles related to food, sports, and popular culture in America. Currently, she’s writing a book about the history of swimsuits as cultural artifacts and the advertising of swimwear, convenience foods, and beauty products in the 20th century. The idea of cultural amnesia and the power of the media (especially advertisements) to transform and/or perpetuate gendered stereotypes fascinates her. Issues related to gender, youth culture, body image, dieting, sports, advertising, culinary history, and popular culture form the core of her focus.