General History: National Job Posting Sites, Calls for Papers & Conferences

Regional/State Job Posting Sites

NEMA posts museum positions located primarily within New england, though some positions outside of the region are also listed. Positions are organized by type of job, with the most recent postings in each category listed first, and the site is regularly updated.

Hire Culture
Hire Culture is a searchable database of employment positions within Massachusetts and is operated by MCC. Cultural organizations of all types, such as museums, theaters, and galleries, regularly post jobs to Hire Culture. The database offers numerous parameters by which to search, such as region, position type, and category of position.

Other Local University Job Posting Sites

Museum Studies at Tufts University Job Announcements
Numerous jobs opportunities within the museum field are listed on this blog, along with links to other job posting sites. There are many jobs posted on the blog, and it is updated regularly. The positions are listed with the most recent opportunity first, and there is a large log of positions available to browse.

Simmons College’s Career Links
Simmons College’s Job Line
Career Links is Simmons College’s website with numerous job posting sites, professional organizations, and other useful career websites. Job Line is Simmons College School of Library and Information Science’s job posting site. There are numerous job postings, primarily within libraries and archives, throughout the United States. The opportunities are listed chronologically with the most recent opportunity at the top of the page.

National Job Posting Sites

Jobs listed on this site are located throughout the entire United States. There are opportunities in all types of museums, universities, and foundations, as well as public and private institutions. These are primarily full-time positions, and the job board is easily searchable and has numerous filters to aid your search, such as location and job type.

AASLH Career Center
This job board includes positions within the entire United States. The positions are posted by institutions that revolve around state and local history. The posts include full-time, part-time, and internship positions, and they are easily searchable by location or keyword.

AHA Jobs
The positions listed on this job board are primarily full time positions within academia and are easily searchable by location and type. AHA’s career center offers resources for professional development, such as articles about various career paths for historians, and standards for search committees and candidates for history-based positions.

Histpres Opportunities
Histpres Opportunities provides a job board for positions within the historic preservation field. These opportunities are mainly located within the United States but there are also some international opportunities. The board lists job openings, calls for papers, workshops, and other professional opportunities within the field of historic preservation and the database has many filters to facilitate easy browsing, including location and opportunity type.

Museum Emplyment Resource Center
The Museum Employment Resource Center provides a listing of recent job postings within museums across the United States, as well as positions in other countries. There are relatively few postings, due to the pay-to-post nature of it, but the most recent posts will be at the top of the page. The Job Vacancy Index provides positions within specific fields, such as director, administration, curator, and others, for ease of browsing.

NCPH updates this jobs list weekly. The jobs are located within the United States and are within all areas of public history. Jobs are listed chronologically with the institution, the position title, and the location of the institution on the same line.

This site posts all jobs within the National Park Service, and any other federal agency. Full time, part time, seasonal, and internship positions are listed on here and it is a fully searchable database with numerous filters to aid browsing.

Find postings of current job and internship opportunities on this site’s Jobs and Internships Board

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